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Pilot: Ben Dunn

Lesson Packages: hang gliding, tandem, ultralight, paragliding
To learn the skills and judgment necessary to become an accomplished hang glider pilot, lesson packages provide an affordable way to progress through the sport. Your final objective is to be able to sustain flight for long periods, soaring like the birds we all envy. As your skills develop, our instructors will move you to higher slopes to learn more advanced maneuvers and work your way toward your first solo soaring experience. You'll be progressing at your own pace,assisted by professionals.
There are two ways to become involved with the Lesson Package Program. The first is to progress from each package to the next, paying just the balance of the next program to enjoy the balance of those lessons until you reach the Eagle Package.
The second is to upgrade directly to the Eagle Package after your first lesson, earining you a $100 discount! Either way, the Eagle Package will be your final destination,as this is the program that can have you cruising the coast to Sand City and back, a 12-mile flight.
Open year round, Western Hang Gliders carries the widest selection of high-quality hang gliders and accessories available, utilizes the west coast's most consistent training site and offers continuing education in the sport:
  • Tandem Training
  • Instructor Training
  • Mountain Clinics (Thermal Soaring and High Altitude Flying)
  • Group Flying Tours (Owens Valley, Southern California, Reno, etc.)
  • Complete Repair and Service Center
  • Advanced Skills Seminars
  • Group Military and Corporate Discounts

Beginning Course: $98
Where everybody starts. A 3-hour course, including classroom time, ground school and at least 5 flights.
Beginning Package: $269
A 3-lesson program, including the Beginning Course and two Advanced Lessons. Also included is a 3-month USHGA membership.
Fledgling Package: $534
A 6-lesson program that also includes a 3-month USHGA membership and an Advanced Ground School.
Master Package: $799 A 10-lesson program that includes a 3-month USHGA membership and Hang Gliding Flying Skills by Dennis Pagen, the sport's leading instructional author.
The Eagle Package: $1645 Our complete soaring program, this provides you with unlimited flight lessons, allowing you to develop your skills at your own pace in a wide range of conditions, first on our equipment and then, when you're ready, on your own. We will "graduate" you when you have th eskills to soar unassisted and with confidence! Also included in this comprehansive program:

  • Hang-Gliding Training Manual
  • Hang-Gliding Flying Skills
  • Micrometeorology for Pilots
  • USHGA Flight Log

One-year USHGA Membership

Ground Schools: Basic and Advanced Seminars:

  • Glider Tuning and Maintenance
  • Parachute Maintenance and Care

Use of Equipment

Novice (Hang II) Rating
A rating that allows you to fly many sites around the area, the country, and the world.

For $165, we also give students the opportunity to ride tandem with our experienced
instructors and see the world from a pilot's eye. (top of page)
Tandem view

$150 will get you a lesson on an ultralight. (top of page)
an ultralight
After looking down on the world from here, your smile will last all day.
view from an ultralight

Introductory Program: $185 (Gift Certificates Available)
A taste of mankind's oldest dream, you will become familiar with the equipment, learn basic aerodynamics and ground handling, and fly from our training hill.
Pilot Program: $898
Our pilot program is a 6-lesson program with the goal of achieving the P-2 novice pilot rating from the USHGA. Students will advance at their own pace without any pressure to perform. Any additional lessons required to achieve the P-2 rating will be discounted $20 off of the introductory lesson price of $105.
Mountain Program: $135
Would you like to get really high? Our mountain program is a one-day clinic to introduce you to the big air of the mountains. By now you will have purchased your own equipment, and have achieved your P-2 rating.

So give us a call at (831) 384-2622, or you are welcome to make a reservation online. Reservations are recommended.